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Kitab Al-Kafi

Kitab Al-Kafi

Muhammad ibn Ya’qub al Kulayni was born in 250 AH in Kulayn, Iran. Al-Kulayni is Shi’a hadith collector who was known to have lived during the time of Imam al-Mahdi’s Minor Occultation, in which Hujjat-Allah Al-Mahdi disappeared and would only contact his followers through four deputies. With this Muhammed ibn Ya’qub al Kulayni would interact with the 12th Imam through his deputies, in which he claims to have gained wisdom and knowledge from Imam-al Mahdi. Due to al-Kulayni’s travels to Baghdad for teaching and academics, he is considered a muhaddithin under the classification of rihalah-ye hadith. This includes those who have travelled in order to collect hadith and met with those individuals who are considered the authorities of hadith. His most renowned work was Kitab al-Kafi, along with other works such as Rasāʾil al-aʿimmah, Kitāb al-rijāl, Kitāb al-radd ʿalā al-qarāmiṭah, Kitāb mā qīla fī al-aʾimmah min al-shiʿr, Kitāb taʿbīr al-ruʾyā. 

Kitab al-Kafi is a compilation of Twelver Shi’a hadith, divided into three sections. The first section is Usūl al-Kāfī, which discusses epistemology, theology, history, ethics, supplications, and the Holy Quran. The second section, known as Furūʿ al-Kāfī, contains information on practical and legal issues, and the third section, Rawdat al-Kāfī, which has letters and speeches from the Imams, as well as various traditions. In total, Kitab al-Kafi contains 16,199 narrations. 

Chapters of Usul al-Kafi

  1. Kitāb al-‘aql wa al-jahl – The Book of Intellect and Foolishness
  2. Kitāb fadl al-‘ilm – The Book of Knowledge and its Merits
  3. Kitāb al-tawhīd – The Book of God and His Oneness
  4. Kitāb al-hujjah – The Book of Divine Guidance
  5. Kitāb al-īmān wa al-kufr – The Book of Belief and Unbelief
  6. Kitāb al-du‘ā’ – The Book of Supplication
  7. Kitāb ‘adhamat al-Qur’an- The Book of the Quran and its Merits
  8. Kitāb al-muʿāsharah – The Book of Social Intercourse

Furūʿ al-Kāfī

  1. The Book of Purity 
  2. The Book of Menstruation 
  3. The Book of Funeral Rites 
  4. The Book of Prayer
  5. The Book of Charity 
  6. The Book of Fasting 
  7. The Book of Hajj 
  8. The Book of Jihad 
  9. The Book of Commerce 
  10. The Book of Marriage 
  11. The Book of Animal Sacrifice upon the Birth of a Child 
  12. The Book of Divorce 
  13. The Book of Emancipation 
  14. The Book of Hunting 
  15. The Book of Slaughtering 
  16. The Book of Food 
  17. The Book of Drink
  18. The Book of Clothing, Beautification, and Honor
  19. The Book of Domesticated Animals
  20. The Book of Testaments 
  21. The Book of Inheritance 
  22. The Book of Capital and Corporal Punishment 
  23. The Book of Restitution and Blood Money 
  24. The Book of Testimonies and Depositions 
  25. The Book of Adjudication and Legal Precedents
  26. The Book of Oaths, Vows and Penances