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Kitāb Man lā yaḥḍuruh Al-Faqīh

Kitāb Man lā yaḥḍuruh al-faqīh

Al-Shaykh al-Saduq, also known as Ibn Babawayh was a renowned Shi’a hadith scholar of the 4th/10th century. Al-Saduq attended the hadith school of Qum where he received his education and became a faqih. His education and teachings of the narrations of hadith began at a very young age, whereby he studied under his father and other Shi’a scholars before travelling to acquire further knowledge on the narrations of hadith. One of his most famous compilation is that of Kitāb Man lā yaḥḍuruh al-faqīh, which is one out of four books of Shi’a hadith deemed to be most reliable. 

Kitāb Man lā yaḥḍuruh al-faqīh, also translated to “the book for the one who does not have a faqih before him”, is a collection of hadiths surrounding the discussion of fiqh. This means that the contents of the book rely on narrating what actions are deemed lawful and unlawful. Some of the topics discussed within Kitāb Man lā yaḥḍuruh al-faqīh are the rules of fasting, prayer, marriage, and even judgement. The book is said to be arranged in 4 volumes with a total of 6000 hadiths.