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Post Ashura

For three days, bodies were left exposed on the plains of Karbala. In that time, the ladies and children of al-Husayn were taken captive, paraded from Karbala to Kufa. It was an obscene way to publicly humiliate the family of the Prophet, and show ‘true authority.’ The heads of all those in al-Husayn’s army were taken to Ibn Ziyad. The horrific aftermath was Ibn Ziyad poking a stick on al-Husayn’s and then gifting it to the captive women in the prison. In the prison they dealt with the emotional pain of the tragedy, and also lost the soul of a young lady, Sakina, the precious daughter of al-Husayn.

After a few days, the son of al-Husayn, Imam Zain-ul Abideen and the ladies of the companions, were released, looted in Karbala, and voyaged back to Medina. The first time going back home, without the men of the family, and with a huge hole in all of their hearts. It was finally time to grieve.